Cosmetic Testing

Efficacy Testing for Cosmetics

Efficacy testing for cosmetics can be broad and wide-ranging, and we are accustomed to handling every claim scenario that arises for each product category. Highly trained in all expert grading categories, we create a protocol that suits your needs using grading methods, as well as developing strong consumer perception surveys. Sensory responses of a cosmetic are an extremely valuable gauge to assess the marketability of a product.

An industry surge for highly competitive cosmetic hybrid, lash and brow products create new testing opportunities, both short and long-term. From volume and thickness to curl and lifting, we utilize our bioinstrumentation or expert grading to visually analyze and collect objective data to substantiate claims.

Common claims substantiation in the cosmetic space include:

Feathering / Bleeding


Longwear / Long-lasting

Proof/resistant-type claims

Various expert grading evaluations

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