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About Our Company

Essex Testing Clinic, Inc. has been in business for nearly 40 years servicing the cosmetic, personal care, and skincare industries by providing third party human testing for product safety, efficacy, and marketing claims support. We pride ourselves in our keen ability to work with many of the major players in the industry, as well as indie, niche brands. HSN and QVC approved, our clients can be confident selling to these networks, online, to direct marketers, department stores, drug stores, and other major retail outlets. Essex Testing has earned a reputation as a trusted partner to brands and retailers alike.

Our two facilities located in northern New Jersey encompass over 13,000 square feet. Both facilities have the technology, staff, and populations to perform the full range of clinical testing services. We also enjoy the capability to tap in to 2 distinct communities with varying demographics to further improve our ability to meet test criteria. With an active database of approximately 9,000 subjects, we can recruit quickly no matter the challenges of your inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Customer service, transparency and creating a lasting partnership is key from our account and project management teams. We strive to thoroughly guide clients through the testing process from beginning to end, from study design to protocol development, to the interpretation of the results.

Having tested over 75,000 products since our establishment nearly 40 years ago, our Technical, Project Management and Quality Assurance teams possess the scientific expertise to design and conduct studies, analyze data, and interpret results.

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