The Importance of an Independent Product Testing Lab in 2021

The Importance of an Independent Product Testing Lab in 2021

The Importance of an Independent Product Testing Lab in 2021 1280 850 Essex Testing Clinic

4 Benefits of Using an Independent Product Testing Lab

In the beauty industry, market claims are everything. What does your product claim to do and, more importantly, does your product actually fulfill that claim? One poor review can turn away potential customers, making it crucial you take the necessary steps to ensure your product is ready for consumers.

This means efficacy and claims testing. And while in-house testing may sound more efficient and cost-friendly at first, here are four benefits of working with an independent product testing lab.

1. More Credibility

A product that is tested by a company other than its own brand proves to be more credible to retailers and consumers. If your product was only internally reviewed, the product’s legitimacy could be questioned. Sending it out to a reputable and well-known product testing lab will help prove to customers as well as the brand that the product actually works and is safe to use. The substantiated claims can then be included in product packaging or displayed on your website.

2. Streamlined Operations

Product testing labs are equipped with professionals, technology, and other high-end resources. Also, the lab can be easily contacted if any marketing or legal questions arise. A timeline will be in place to ensure all stages of testing are in place and on schedule.

3. Subject Recruitment

Subject recruitment is extremely important for product testing. An independent lab will already have a pool of subjects with the necessary skin type, gender, and age diversity. During the planning stages of testing, this should be discussed with the lab to ensure their subjects will fit your market claims needs.

4. Increase Quality and Production

Following product testing, the lab will be able to determine if the formula delivers the desired claims. Efficacy testing can be a helpful research tool, where any tweaks or adjustments that need to be made can be identified before the product goes into mass production. Similar to subject recruitment, presenting your product goals during the planning stage of testing will be crucial. For example, is your product meant for longevity, glowing skin, or aging benefits? This can help reduce costs in the long run.

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