Cosmetics Claim Substantiation 101

Cosmetics Claim Substantiation 101

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The Importance of Claim Substantiation for Cosmetic Brands

Have you ever been browsing the cosmetic aisles, and a skincare product catches your eye with the statement: “reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in only ten days” plastered on the front of the packaging?

While almost anyone would be astonished by a product that could minimize wrinkles in as little as ten days, some may question: “well, how do we know this is true?”

The answer is simple: claim substantiation.

What is Claim Substantiation?

According to the American Bar Association, claim substantiation refers to the obligation of advertisers to ensure that the messages they communicate about their products or services are truthful. While there is some flexibility on the legal standard of claim substantiation due to advertisers having “reasonable bias” for their claims, brands and advertisers are still held legally responsible for their product claims—hence the importance of marketing claims support.

How to Ensure My Brand’s Product Claims are Legitimate?

Whether your cosmetic brand is a major player in the beauty industry or a niche Indie brand, ensuring that your cosmetic products claims are legitimate is essential to developing trust within your consumer base and saving you from potential legal problems.

To ensure your product claims are legitimate, consider working with a clinical testing lab like Essex Testing. We provide third-party human testing for product safety, efficacy, and marketing claims support. When working with a trusted clinical testing lab, your brand can feel confident selling direct-to-consumer, to networks, department stores, drug stores, and other major retail outlets.

Examples of Common Claims Substantiation in the Cosmetic Industry

Our staff is highly trained in all expert grading categories to create a protocol that suits your needs using grading methods. Listed below are common claims substantiation we test for:

  • Feathering/Bleeding
  • Flashback
  • Longwear/Long-lasting
  • Proof/Resistant-type claims
  • Various expert grading appearance evaluations

Essex Testing’s Third-Party Human Testing Services

As a trusted partner to brands and retailers alike, Essex Testing offers the following cosmetic and personal care product testing services:

  • Safety Testing
  • Skincare Testing
  • Cosmetic Testing
  • Haircare Product Testing

If your brand requires investigative expertise, we will work closely with a network of physician consultants to cover any specialty field to ensure your claims are legitimate. To begin product testing with us, fill out our contact form online.

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