Are You Looking to Become a Cosmetic Testing Panelist?

Are You Looking to Become a Cosmetic Testing Panelist?

Are You Looking to Become a Cosmetic Testing Panelist? 1280 850 Essex Testing Clinic

Essex Testing’s Services: Cosmetic Testing, Safety Testing, & More

At Essex Testing, we are committed to scientific excellence. With nearly 40 years of servicing the cosmetic, personal care, and skincare industries, we are the optimal choice for third-party human testing.

What is a Panelist Tester?

Before personal care products are introduced to the market, they typically undergo several tests for safety, efficacy, and marketing claims support. Panelists will sign up to be part of a full range of industry-accepted testing services. Every test that we conduct meets rigorous industry standards, as well as our degree of quality assurance.

Our Human Testing Services

After signing up to be a panelist in our third-party human testing, there are four main categories that you can expect to participate in. We take our panelists’ safety very seriously and ensure they receive the utmost care throughout each test.

Cosmetic Testing

Cosmetic testing is often conducted for efficacy and claims substantiation support. Our highly trained staff create a protocol that suits different brands’ needs using grading methods and strong consumer perception surveys. Through our bio instrumentation, we can analyze and collect objective data to substantiate claims.

Safety Testing

One of the most critical tests conducted is product safety. Safety testing is an integral step in the development and distribution of personal care products. Through our safety testing, panelists undergo several different tests such as skin patch testing, safety-in-use tests, and more to ensure each product satisfies the safety data requirement set forth by the industry regulating bodies.

Skincare Testing

Similar to cosmetic testing, skincare testing also aims to provide efficacy and claims substantiation. At Essex Testing, we offer various methodologies to support marketing claims. Our highly trained staff uses the most current and sophisticated imaging systems and instrumentation to capture data. Standard testing includes improving the appearance of skin redness, pore size, and skin texture.

Haircare Testing

We pride ourselves on having licensed cosmetologists on staff with expertise in testing haircare products for efficacy. We conduct salon studies to determine parameters such as volume, thickness, curl, frizz, and color. Our panelists can also expect to participate in consumer perception tests, which we create to develop effective sensory questionnaires.

Interested in Becoming a Panelist for Essex Testing?

At Essex Testing, we are always looking to recruit panelists to participate in our third-party product testing. Your participation and reliable data will impact the beauty industries by playing a role in introducing products into the market. To learn more about our panelist recruitment initiatives, contact us online or call (973) 857-9541.

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