A Complete Guide to Safety Testing

A Complete Guide to Safety Testing

A Complete Guide to Safety Testing 1280 850 Essex Testing Clinic

A Panelist Recruitment Guide to Safety Testing

Looking for a qualified and experienced safety testing laboratory? Look no further than Essex Testing. For 40 years, we have serviced the personal care and beauty industries by providing industry-leading human clinical testing for product safety, efficacy, and marking claims support. Our team of highly qualified professionals is here to help you with all your safety testing needs.

What is Safety Testing for Personal Care Products?

Safety testing is an integral part of the product development process. Before brands can put their new cosmetic or personal care products on the market, they must be considered safe. This is true for all cosmetic and personal care products, including makeup, hair dye, skincare products, and more.

At Essex Testing, we conduct all our clinical testing on our panelist volunteers in-house. If you’re looking to participate in our safety testing studies, visit our panelist recruitment page to sign up.

What to Expect as a Safety Testing Panelist

As a safety testing panelist, you can expect to participate in our safety studies and provide feedback on the products being tested. Panelists are asked to test different personal care and beauty products to ensure safety and provide feedback any potential sensitization.

The safety studies are non-invasive, and all panelists are compensated accordingly following their participation.

Why Brands and Panelists Work with Essex Testing

Essex Testing has 40 years of safety testing experience, making us one of the most trusted testing labs in the industry. We have a long history of conducting safety studies and are known for our panelist recruitment efforts. When you choose to work with Essex Testing, brands can be confident that their products are tested in a qualified and experienced laboratory, while panelists can rest assured that they will receive the utmost care throughout each study.

Choose Essex Testing

If you’re looking for a reliable safety testing lab, look no further than Essex Testing. We offer various safety services that are tailored to brands’ specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our safety testing capabilities and sign up for panelist recruitment.

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