3 Benefits of Personal Care Product Testing

3 Benefits of Personal Care Product Testing

3 Benefits of Personal Care Product Testing 1280 850 Essex Testing Clinic

Why Personal Care Product Testing Matters

Today, beauty industry consumers seek out brands that value sustainability, clean ingredients, and honesty, among other factors. One way beauty brands can increase their credibility with consumers is through personal care product testing.

According to the FDA, to sell and distribute personal care products, brands must ensure they are safe for consumers’ consumption and perform in the expected way they are marketed. In fact, manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products are legally responsible for ensuring that the product they are selling is safe, hence the importance of personal care product testing.

3 Benefits of Personal Care Product Testing

At Essex Testing, we pride ourselves on our work with many of the major players in the industry and niche indie brands. When testing with us, our clients can be confident selling online, to direct marketers, department stores, drug stores, and other major retail outlets. Here are three benefits of testing with us.

1. Proof of Product Safety

One of the most important aspects of personal care product testing is ensured safety. If a company fails to deliver a safe product to its consumers, this can impact consumers’ well-being and damage the brand’s reputation.

2. Solidified Market Claims

Another benefit of personal care product testing is the ability for companies to market their products in a way that is backed by proven data. As mentioned above, consumers value products that are proven to perform the way they are marketed.

3. Established Efficacy Claims

Companies that conduct testing on their cosmetic or personal care products benefit from having established efficacy claims. Having proof that their product performs and provides benefits the way it is supposed to will only advance a brand’s potential sale of the product.

How Essex Testing Can Help Your Brand

If your cosmetic brand needs product care testing and is ready to take the first step, look no further than Essex Testing. We have been serving the personal care and beauty industry for nearly 40 years. We provide industry-leading human clinical testing for product safety, efficacy, and marketing claims support. During every stage of the testing process, our team delivers clear communication. To learn more about our services, contact us online or call (973) 857-9541.

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