Cell Renewal
Outline: Efficacy Evaluation of a Skin Treatment Product to Substantiate a Cell Renewal Claim Using the Dansyl Chloride Technique
Objective: To determine if the use of a skin treatment product improves the rate of cell renewal/skin turnover.
Subjects: 30 qualified women
Timing: 3-4 week study
Start within 2 weeks of receipt of samples
Final report issued within 4 weeks after completion
Quantity: 35 individual containers with enough product to last for 4(+) weeks

After a 2-week washout period, subjects are patched with dansyl chloride, a fluorescent die, on 2 test sites on the upper arm. Five hours later the patches are removed, and the fluorescence (under a black lamp) of each site is scored according to scale. Product is applied to one site, the other site remains untreated to serve as a control. Each morning subjects come to the testing facility when a fluorescence intensity reading is made of each site. Product is applied by a technician, and applied by the subject each night at home to the designated test site. This procedure is repeated daily (except Saturday and Sunday) until a fluorescence intensity value of 0 is achieved.