Outline: Efficacy Evaluation of a Skin Treatment Product
Objective: To determine if the use of a skin treatment product helps in the reduction of fine lines, moisturization, elasticity, under eye puffiness and dark circles.
Subjects: 30 Qualified Women
30-55 Years of Age
Timing: Start within 2 weeks of receipt of samples
4 week study
Final report issued within 4 weeks after completion
Quantity: 35 individual containers with enough product to last for 4 weeks

Skin replicas for fine lines/wrinkles
Cutometer® (Courage + Khazaka) for elasticity
Corneometer® (Courage + Khazaka) for moisturization
Chromameter® (Minolta) for dark circles
Clinical Assessment according to scale of under eye puffiness
Subject questionnaire for all performance qualities

After a one-week washout period when subjects use only Dove® for facial cleansing, baseline measurements of elasticity are be made with a Cutometer® and a moisture content measurement is made using a Corenometer®. Skin Replicas are made on the crow's feet area to measure fine lines/wrinkles. A Chromameter® measurement is made for dark circles under the eyes and a clinical assessment by a trained evaluator is made of under eye puffiness.

Subjects are given the product, diaries and instructions for use.

After 2 and 4 weeks of use, subjects return for follow-up evaluations of all study parameters. Subjects respond to brief questionnaires at the final visit.

Results are statistically analyzed to determine any difference from baseline of each study parameter at each time interval.

Option: Digital images can be taken at each visit.