Age Spots
Outline: Efficacy Evaluation of a Skin Treatment Product
Objective: To determine if the use of a skin treatment product helps in the lightening of age spots.
Subjects: 30 qualified women
40-70 years of age
Timing: 8-week study
Start within 2 weeks of receipt of samples
Draft report issued within 4 weeks after completion
Quantity: 35 individual containers with enough product to last for 4 weeks

Chromameter® (Minolta) measurement for pigment
Clinical assessment of pigment
Subject questionnaire

A specific age spot on the hand/forearm of each qualified subject are marked as the test site. Baseline measurements are made using a Minolta Chromameter®. A trained evaluator also assesses the test age spot according to a coloration scale.

Subjects are then given the product to use at home, diaries to record the date and time of product application and significant comments, and instructions for use.

After 2, 4, and 8 weeks of use, subjects return for follow-up evaluations. Subjects respond to a brief questionnaire at the final visit.

Results will be statistically analyzed.