Outline: Clinical Evaluation of Migration of a Product Under Heat Room Conditions
Objective: To determine if a test material will migrate under "heat room" conditions.
Subjects: 20 healthy individuals
Timing: 5 day study
Start test within 10 days of receipt of test article
Report issued within 4 weeks after study completion
Quantity: 8 oz. bulk

Measurement of product outside of test site


Subjects have one test site marked on each forearm, forehead and upper back. Each site is circular and marked with a skin marker. Product is applied to each treatment site. After application, all subjects are situated in a controlled "heat room". The conditions of the room is sufficient so that all panelists start to sweat. After 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes, each site is evaluated for migration by using a ruler to measure how far, if at all, of the product migrated outside of the test sites.