Facial Sting
Outline: Clinical Safety Evaluation of a Facial Product for Facial
Area Discomfort
Objective: To evaluate and compare a product or various facial products for their potential to cause user-perceived discomfort (burning, stinging, itching).
Subjects: 24 subjects identified as "sensitive" to 10% aqueous lactic acid.
Timing: 1-day study
Start within 2 weeks of receipt of samples
Draft report issued within 3 weeks after study completion
Quantity: 8 oz.

Subjective assessment of discomfort

Initially, each subject places their face over a facial sauna (Steam Facial by KAZ) for 5 minutes. Following blotting of the face, 0.2 cc of their assigned test article is applied to the periorbital area of both eyes and to the naso-labial folds. Studies can be conducted using entire face or half-face application or wash-off products. Evaluations for perceived stinging, burning and/or itching are made and recorded within 2.5 minutes following application of the test article and again 5 minutes post-application.